About Us

Our mission is to help science and technology based organisations to succeed through development in leadership, strategy, and innovation.

Horizon SciTech helps organisations to be successful in achieving their higher purpose by finding their personality, building momentum, and achieving their goals. We do this by making leadership, strategy and innovation so interesting that you and your team will really want to engage in co-creating and activating success. Our approach is rigorous but fun, and will help you understand your big challenges, focus on key opportunities, and successfully grow.

We balance creativity, culture, management science using research, graphic facilitation, to develop leadership, strategy and innovation to help you to create a brighter future.

Innovation & Digital health

We help you to understand how to innovate and to implement the processes to develop and commercialise a portfolio of new products and services in a way that manages risk and investment, helps you access finance, and ensure success.

One of the key areas we work in is digital health. If you are involved in developing technology for NHS or private sector healthcare, contact us for more information:

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