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Q: How do you develop strategy for organisations?

A: We use two models which complement each other and many existing business

The BALANCE model brings a balanced perspective to our work with you, focussing on both strategic and cultural elements. It also provides a framework around which leadership can be developed. The CHANGE CYCLE model is based on design thinking and will help you improve leadership, engagement and decision making.  We use a number of well defined steps to establish and sustain change and to truly engage your people in co-creating success.

Q: How do you help companies to innovate?

A: We help you to understand how to innovate and to implement the processes to develop and commercialise a portfolio of new products and services in a way that manages risk and investment, helps you access finance, and ensure success.

Q: What types of organisations can you help?

A: Our approach is proven in many types of organisations, but we have found most success working with NHS Trusts, local government, membership organisations and science and technology companies, specifically in health technology.

Q: What kinds of things do you do?

A: One thing we do not do is use a generic or prescribed process to accelerate growth or innovation. We believe people must be inspired and motivated by plans for growth and this means the plan itself needs to be perfectly suited to the organisation and people involved. All the plans we develop are bespoke.