Innovation for founders

It can be difficult to navigate the funding landscape unless you get help from people who understand it.

Why innovate?

What is the advantage of innovative thinking and where can it take you?

We work with innovate businesses and larger organisations because it’s fun, exciting and provides opportunities to really make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Obviously we encourage people to think creatively and to develop new ideas, but always with a realistic perspective on goals and objectives.

Don’t be afraid of failure, embrace it as part of the process because it’s how we learn.

Why not go for the impossible dream? Although it’s daunting to chase, the rewards can be huge.

All the projects we get involved in are commercially focussed so our first question to new clients is often “Tell me about your customers”. Innovators are more likely to succeed in bringing ideas to market when they know their customers and understand their pains and gains.

Innovation should be exciting and invigorating. We encourage people to explore ideas quickly at the beginning, test them and pivot as necessary, all based on feedback from customers.

Customers can be end users, influencers and partners. Opportunities to scale up are often where you least expect to find them.

Innovation also needs to be grounded in terms of a problem that is worth solving. It’s important to challenge assumptions around the scale of the problem and likely impact of the innovative idea or solution being developed.

Take time to test your theory before committing. It’s important to test ideas with customers in the real world. See if you are right about their needs and can offer something they need.

Resources for innovators

Some useful ideas for finding and using. Strategyzer is a great resource for anyone trying to work though ideas efficiently and to a replicable method Some of the materials are free to use along with a lot of really valuable insight. If you are innovating around organisational change XPLANE is a good source of information directed towards positive change We’re keen on the Lean Startup method based on the book by Eric Reis Although it’s not for everyone, there’s plenty of good stuff that can be interpreted to fit different projects, not just tech startups.